20-Minute Yoga Workout For Weight Loss


20-Minute Yoga Workout For Weight Loss

Yoga is the type that can really ruin the health of your pants as well as the size of your pants. The power of yoga to build muscle can be a factor: many poses stimulate multiple muscle groups in one move, and the more muscle you have, the faster your body burns fat. Will Researchers believe that the stress-reducing properties of this exercise may be another explanation for its fat-burning power because yoga helps lower levels of cortical, a stress hormone that lowers belly fat? Is linked to the increase. Exercising twice a day can speed up weight loss when done properly and in combination with a balanced diet. The key is to burn more calories than you use. For effective weight loss twice a day, it is important to combine the type and intensity of exercise, while taking time to rest between exercises.  To lose weight this yoga exercise will also help in energy level and flexibility, which will give the body a new sense of purpose and extra energy to burn more calories. Who has exercise?

Here is an introduction to yoga poses for weight loss and how to do them with instructions and tips.


Side plank change

Start in a side plank pose with your left hand straight under your left shoulder and your feet at an angle. Slowly bring your right leg to your right arm. Hold the toes if possible, keeping the right leg straight. To get the most out of a 20-minute yoga session, you need energy-generating movements that stimulate the maximum number of muscles in one pose. Check out the tricks here, modified to give you the biggest bang for your buck. This requires a lot of flexibility in the legs. If you cannot straighten your leg, try to bend your knee slightly.


 Superman Pose

Gently lift your head, chest, arms, and legs at the same time. Your lower abdomen and hips should be flat on the ground. Lift and hold them as high as you can. Your eyes should be in front of you. Hold for 30 seconds. Try holding it for 1 minute. If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and overwhelmed by your extra weight and are interested in losing weight fast with quiet yoga practice, be sure to take a look at our Yoga Fat Loss Bible for Beginners! Start with all fours, then spread your legs behind you, as if you are getting ready for a push-up. Keep your back straight, making a long line from your shoulders to your feet. Hold for a minute while taking deep breaths in and out. Relax Repeat.


Pose upside down

Start in a sitting position with your legs in front of you and your hands under your shoulders. Using your core and glutes, lift your body up until your pelvis is in a straight line with the rest of your body. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Start standing, feet apart at hip-width. Move your right foot forward, bend your right knee and keep your left (back) leg straight. Move to the floor with your left hand, until you rest your palm on the ground. With your left hand on the ground, bend your right shoulder and chest towards the ceiling, and reach the sky with your right arm. Hold for 10 counts while inhaling and exhaling. Return to starting position. Repeat from the opposite direction, then repeat the whole sequence again.


Chair pose

This is the yoga version of the squat. Start standing with legs shoulder-width apart. Raise your arms straight up, palms inwards. Keep your back straight, exhale and bend your knees in a squat, above the toes of the knees, with the thighs parallel to the floor. Hold this position for as long as you can, and work your way up for a minute. Stand back. Repeat three times.


Down to the dog-plank pose

This total movement of the body works the big muscles while also improving flexibility. Start with all fours, hands under shoulders, knees below hips, back flat. Inhale, then as you exhale, lift your hips toward the ceiling, straighten your legs and push back your heels, so that your body forms an inverted V-shape. Hold on as you breathe in and out. Inhale again, and as you exhale, push your weight forward on your arms and place yourself down in an extended plank pose (arms and legs straight as if you are preparing for a push-up). Hold on for five counts. Bend the knees and return to all fours. Repeat the sequence 10 times.


Download Dog Split / Half Crow Lift

Start with all the squares. Straighten your legs and raise your hips toward the ceiling, keeping your hands on the floor, to form the ultimate shape. Lift your right leg straight behind you and as high as you can in the air. Grab, release your right leg and bend your right knee. Lift your weight forward and lower your hips as you pull your body into an extended push-up position. As you lower yourself, swing your bent right leg to the right of your front so that the knee reaches the outside of your right arm. Straighten the leg and return to the starting position. Go back to start. Do it five times, then repeat on the opposite side.

Chattering Bandana

Like a low push-up, start this movement in an extended plank position, arms and legs straight. Move your body forward so that your hands are under your chest instead of your shoulders. Bend your elbows straight back (not out of the sides), and down in the lower push-up position, the chest barely squeezing the floor (deeper than you for a Western-style push-up). ۔ Back up in an extended plaque pose. Repeat 10 times.



Lie on your back, hands on your hips, knees bent, feet as close to your butt as they will go. Push your heels, bend your glutes, and lift your hips as high as you can without putting pressure on your neck. Hold this position while taking deep breaths for one minute. When you relax and return to your starting position, rotate your spine. Do it three times.