5 Morning Stretches That You Can Do From Bed


5 Morning Stretches That You Can Do From Bed:

If you snooze every morning and have to pull yourself out of bed, it may be time to refresh your morning routine with some portions of the morning.

Stretching in the morning can be a relaxing way to wake up excited and increase serotonin, which feels good. In addition, stretching movements and yoga poses can help reduce muscle stiffness, increase range of motion, reduce pain, and improve your posture.

Here’s a quick morning stretching routine that will make you feel good at first – plus a routine you can do without getting out of bed!

Morning can be difficult. You might like to imagine yourself relaxed, writing peacefully in your Thanksgiving magazine, and drinking tea from your luxurious soft white sheets, the fact that most mornings you quietly Send curses on the alarm clock and make soft sounds. Coffee machine before you even think about making time for yourself at some point in the day.

The beginning of anything is a powerful time for which we hope to come. Set a goal for what we hope to accomplish. That’s why we make resolutions on New Year’s. That’s why we take a long and often important break at the beginning of every yoga class. And, as we learn more and more with recent research, we need to set aside a few minutes each morning for ourselves as we begin the day.

If you’re like most people, this is a good opportunity to get out of bed every morning and start your busy day. However, before you rush to the shower, just take a few minutes, prepare breakfast, make your way to the office, and start plowing your to-do list to help your body and mind feel better. Can go a long way, says Randy Ragan, a yoga teacher and author of A Year of Living Mindfully: Seasonal exercises to nurture body, mind and spirit.

Getting up in the morning and moving on is not always easy. Especially at this time, many of us have to stay indoors because of the spread of the corona virus. You may find that in some days, waking up you feel sluggish, full of pain and stress, possibly due to being less physically active during the day or working on a laptop for long periods of time. ۔

Have you ever considered stretching yourself as a gentle way to relax during the day? Some studies show that stretching, along with other forms of regular exercise, can help you relax, increase your flexibility, reduce lower back pain, and manage some other health conditions. does.

Full body stretch

When breathing in, bring your arms up to your head, hold your fingers together, bend your palms against the wall behind your head, and push your palms away from you. At the same time, keep your knees straight, reaching for the fingers away from your arms. Hold this fully extended position for 5 counts, then exhale and release the stretch. Repeat 3 times in total. “It releases tightness throughout the body, which accumulates during sleep,” says Ragan.


Baby pose

This rehabilitation pose is great for gently stretching your hips, back, thighs and spine, all of which can be a little tight in the morning. It can feel really good if you sleep a little “wrong” or turn around. It also calms the mind and relieves stress and fatigue, so it can be helpful to start the day off with the right foot.

Equipment Needed: For all these poses, the yoga mat is good. If you do not have a yoga mat, you should have your knees on a rug or solid carpet for pillows (you will not slip on wood!).

Start with all the squares on the mat,

With your knees directly under your hips but your big toes touching. You can.

Extend your toes if touching them puts any pressure on your knees.

Breathe in and feel your spine grow.


As you exhale, grab your butt

Return to your heels and rest your chin on your chest.

Rest here with your forehead up.

The ground and your arms are outstretched. You can also keep your arms with you.

If you want, the body, the palms are resting.

Hold it to a depth of 5, until



Cat-cow pose

Moving up, tight muscles. This classic yoga pose will relieve tension in your spine, abs and back. Here’s how:


Start at all squares in the table top position with your spine straight and your shoulders on your wrists. Relax your shoulders with your ears and look straight at the floor.

Rotate your fingers down, bend your back, and gently look up to get into the cow.

Leave the tops of your legs on the floor as you lower your tail. Round your spine like a cat to flow into a cat.

Pull your belly button toward your spine. Lower your head and look at your stomach.

Go back to the cow and repeat 5 times.


Figure Four stretches

Cross your right foot over your left knee, forming the shape of number 4. Slowly bend your left knee towards the ceiling, either place your left foot on your mattress or hug it towards your chest. When trying to maintain this shape, be sure to bend your right knee to the right. Hold for 5 deep breaths, then switch sides. “This stretch helps lubricate the hip joints, thighs and glutes,” says Ragan.


Sitting side stretch

This is an easy way to open your chest and shoulders while spreading your neck, arms, torso and hips.

As you sit, reach for the sky with your left arm.

Place your right hand on the floor with your right hip. Slowly lean to your right hand, pulling your left arm over your head as you bend your right elbow. Your torso should bend slightly with you.

Hold the stretch for 5 deep breaths.

Go back to the beginning and repeat from the opposite side.


Cobra Stretch:

Lie on your stomach and place your hands under your shoulders. Keep your elbows inward, and gently lift your head and chest while keeping your hips and back on the bed. If it feels comfortable, you can also lift your stomach off the bed and go a little deeper. Remember to relax your neck and shoulders. Hold the stretch for 15-20 seconds and when you are ready, gently lean back.