How to lose weight without exercise


How to lose weight without exercise

You may have heard that the best way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. This sounds great in theory, but it’s not easy for everyone. For some people, more physical activity is not an option when trying to lose weight.

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There are several reasons why you may want to lose weight without exercising:

You have an injury that restricts or prohibits exercise.
You are preparing for certain types of surgery, such as knee surgery, and the doctor wants you to lose weight. However, you cannot exercise much or not at all due to your knee pain.
You have painful arthritis or fibromyalgia.
You have diabetes and low blood sugar-also called hypoglycemia. When you exercise, your blood sugar can reach dangerously low levels.
You are excluded from the word “exercise”. Amy Kimberlyn, a registered dietitian based in Miami and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, says that may not be a good reason to avoid physical activity, but that is why you should look for ways to lose weight without exercise. let’s try.

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Eat vegetables for breakfast.

Because fruits and vegetables contain more water than other food groups, they contain more and fewer calories than you can eat, says Glassman, who recommends calculating starchy vegetables. There are, in particular, in every meal. Add spinach to your morning smoothie, a slice of tomato to your avocado toast, or mushrooms to your egg scramble to increase the number of vegetables, no problem.

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Play with plates.

A common strategy used for weight loss is to play with plate sizes and plate parts. At dinner, Kimberlyn says, one idea is to use your small salad plate for cereals and protein, and your large dinner plate for non-starchy vegetables.

This will help you to replenish these low-calorie vegetables. Another Plate Idea: If you’re on holiday or on a special occasion with your favorite dessert, don’t deprive yourself, Kate advises. Instead, offer a portion of yourself using a smaller plate instead of a larger one.


Turn the proportions of your ingredients.

Glassman suggested that instead of eating a large serving of pasta with marinara sauce and some broccoli, flip the proportions so that you end up with a large serving of broccoli topped with pasta sauce and sprinkle some pasta on top. Advised “It’s not that you can’t eat pasta, it’s just that you eat more of it,” she says. “Making vegetables the center of attention in a dish will leave you with more than one important thing made from refined carbohydrates.”

This trick works well for rice stew fries – try cabbage rice – and sandwiches too. (Just choose an open-faced hero or bezel, then pile it up with vegetables.)

Psychologically, filling your diet with low-calorie vegetables also has an advantage: it enables you to sit down with a large plate of food while working towards weight loss goals, says Dr. Seltzer. ۔ Even if you eat as many calories as a big bag of potato chips, you will feel very full because you have eaten too much – and hey, the stomach is just that big.


Take your coffee black

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More than 50% of Americans drink coffee on a regular basis, and many of them use calorie-rich items such as sugar, flavored syrup, or cream in their drinks. As a result, instead of being a zero- or five-calorie drink, the average caloric intake of a cup of barley increases from 1,280% to 69 calories, according to a recent study published in the journal Public Health. Not only will you save about 500 calories a week on your coffee intake, but since more than 60% of those calories come from sugar, you also have a lower risk of insulin resistance, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders. Will be. Leaving packets of sugar on the shelf is one of our easiest ways to reduce calories.


Eat foods rich in fiber.

Eating high-fiber foods can increase satiety, which can make you feel fuller for longer.

Studies also show that a type of fiber, adhesive fiber, is especially helpful for weight loss. It increases fullness and reduces food intake (13 trusted sources).

The sticky fiber forms a gel when it comes in contact with water. This gel increases the time it takes to absorb nutrients and slows down the emptying of your stomach (14 trusted sources).

Sticky fiber is found only in plant foods. Examples include beans, oat grains, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, oranges, and flax seeds.

A weight loss supplement called glucomannan is also high in sticky fiber.

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Become a breakfast, lunch, and dinner person.

Although breakfast can be varied, lunch can be painful, and dinner can be tiring to prepare, one reason Dr. Seltzer recommends three large meals a day. ““Knowing that when you plan to eat, every time you feel a little hungry here and there, it prevents you from eating carelessly,” he says. “Also, you only feel more satisfied when you eat a large portion of food instead of 100 calories throughout the day, as can be the case with regular breakfast.”


Eat without electronic distractions.

Paying attention to what you eat can help you burn fewer calories.

People who eat while watching TV or playing computer games cannot figure out how much they have eaten. This, in turn, can lead to overeating.

A review of 24 studies found that people who were eating ate about 10% more in this session (22 trusted sources).

In addition, the absence of food during the brain day has an even greater effect on your diet. People on a diet ate 25% more calories than those on a later meal (22 trusted sources).

If you eat regularly while watching TV or using electronic devices, you may inadvertently overeat. These extra calories increase and have a huge effect on your weight in the long run.

Track what you eat.

While Glassman warns that this approach may be dynamic for some people, those who tend to eat carelessly may benefit from logging in to food, snacks, and “pics”, which I include four chips that you take out of the pantry when you make dinner and, yes, your toddler’s table scraps. Why is it important to get all this on paper? “It keeps you accountable and helps you figure out where you can improve your diet,” she says. As you review your log, look for habits such as grazing, which can become a significant part of your calorie intake over time. Getting acquainted (gain, obtain) with these habits can help you to abandon them and see some progress on a scale without changing your lifestyle or affecting your social life.


Relax your beauty.

Lack of sleep is not the only problem with your mood. Research shows that it can release hormones, including glycine, which is responsible for regulating appetite, according to Glassman. “When you sleep well, you are less likely to use it the next day,” she says.


Don’t skip “junk food” – just eat less.

It sounds simple – and it is. Dr. Seltzer says that eating a little less of the highest-calorie diet allows you to reduce it without fighting your natural tendencies. So while you don’t have to give up potato chips altogether, if you usually eat two bags a day, you’ll want to eat one every other day. This single change may be enough to create a calorie deficit that ultimately affects the scale.

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