Supposedly ‘Healthy’ Foods That Can Ruin Your Diet


‘Healthy’ Foods That Can Ruin Your Diet

Have you been trying to lose weight for a while but it doesn’t seem to be working? And you seem to be eating only healthy foods that you have heard are the best for weight loss? Well, one of the main reasons people fail to lose weight is because they don’t know exactly what foods to avoid.

These days, the internet is full of lots of weight loss tips, tricks, tricks, and false advertisements. Many foods can be promoted or advertised as the best for weight loss but this is not the case. In this article, we are going to give you 7 “healthy” foods that are actually spoiling your diet to avoid your weight loss journey.




  1. Muffins

A blueberry muffin looks innocent enough, right? But before you buy something from a bakery or cafe for breakfast, know that a typical muffin is actually high in calories and sugar with very little fiber.

However, muffins can be a healthy option if done correctly, though! Try making small muffins at home using whole wheat flour and low sugar – substitute sugar for honey, real maple syrup, or extra fruit for a natural sweetener.




  1. Take out salad

Salad with dressing and topping

Don’t get me wrong, salads are very healthy and generally great for weight loss! Of course, not all salads are foods that should be avoided.

Takeout salads, however, have a different story. In general, takeout salads have a variety of additional ingredients to enhance the flavor. These include fried crunchy toppings, cheese, and high-calorie dressings. So when you are in a restaurant and craving a salad, look at the menu carefully and know all the ingredients.

You can easily turn a high-calorie takeout salad into a weight loss diet without asking for extra toppings and changing the dressing with olive oil!





  1. Low-fat dairy products

A cup of Greek yogurt

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Low-fat or fat-free dairy products, especially yogurt, may seem like the best choice for weight loss, but it turns out that sometimes, the missing flavor from fat is supplemented with extra sugar. ۔ Instead of overly sweet, high-calorie yogurt, choose plain full-fat yogurt labeled “low-fat,” “light,” or “fat-free” – in moderation – and with fresh fruit and nuts. Add flavor.

  1. Granola and trail mix

Granola is full of sugar and oil – making it a diet to avoid weight loss.

For the most part, granola is very healthy: it consists mainly of grains and whole oats. However, granola is often prepared with a lot of sugar, oil, and butter, which makes it mostly “healthy”. So if you are buying granola at the store, read the ingredients carefully!

One thing to note is that if granola is sticky and clumsy, it may not be suitable for the diet.

It can be difficult to find healthy granola in a store that is not too expensive. That’s why owning one is a good idea! There are so many types it’s hard to say.


  1. Coconut oil

Coconut oil has long been the focus of attention as a healthy option for everything from roasting vegetables, and desserts or patting your body after bathing. But coconut oil actually contains about 50% more saturated fat than butter and it raises both good and bad cholesterol levels compared to other oils.


  1. Fat-free foods

First of all, let me tell you that fat is an important part of your weight loss diet. When your body is losing weight, essential fats ensure that your brain, heart, and whole body are working properly.

However, you should focus primarily on plant-based fats. That’s why many saturated fats are being replaced with fat-free foods. However, again, these foods can be fraudulent. They may be low in fat but high in sugar or high fructose syrup. Of course, some fat-free foods can actually be healthy choices, such as various dairy products made from skim milk. But always be careful and read the ingredients carefully.


  1. Nuts and nut butter

Vermont peanut butter half-baked

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Nuts and nut butter are fine in moderation – great too – but if you’re not paying attention to portion sizes, you’re consuming too much fat. Again, you want to be aware of the ingredients. So you may want to choose nut butter which has ideally only one ingredient – the nut of your choice. Make sure it doesn’t contain any salt or sugar, or even partially hydrogenated or hydrogenated oils, according to Andrea Haasan, a dietitian registered at Cedars-Sinai.


  1. Dried fruit

This may come as a surprise to you, but nuts are one of the most important foods to avoid while losing weight. This is because dried fruit is high in sugar and calories. And not necessarily from fruits: most dried fruits also contain tons of sugar.

As you may know, using sugar during weight loss is one of the worst things because it completely stops this process and it may be because your efforts are going in vain. We are not

saying that dried fruit is too much junk food: it still contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. But it is definitely better to avoid it during weight loss.


  1. Smoothies

Smoothies are a poster child for healthy eating and weight loss. But don’t be fooled – they can derail your progress in just a few hours. Grocery stores or cafe smoothies are usually full of sugar, but if you are adding milk and nut butter, homemade smoothies can also be high in sugar and fat.

Prepared protein smoothies can be especially harmful to your weight loss goals. Davis says it’s always important to read labels.

“You may be surprised, but some pre-made high protein drinks contain as much sugar and artificial sweeteners as you can find in diet soda and milkshakes,” she says.


  1. Diet sodas

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Sometimes you may want a sweet, carbonated drink, and diet soda seems like a good alternative to regular soda. But a 2015 study found that diet soda can actually increase belly fat

in adults. “The results show that the increase in waist circumference, per follow-up interval, among diet soda drinkers was almost three times that of non-users,” the study reported.