Yoga for over 60 women

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Yoga tips for women over 60:

You’re never too old to reap the rewards of yoga. For seniors who are looking for a safe, effective way to enhance their physical health and overall wellness, the stretching, breathing, and meditation practices of yoga can be a great solution. In fact, as you will see, doing yoga regularly can result in a host of benefits for older adults, from greater flexibility and improved balance to lower stress and better sleep.

A quick search on Google for “the benefits of yoga” will instantly bring up thousands of websites citing both traditional texts and scientific studies detailing the seemingly endless positive benefits of starting and maintaining a yoga practice. For women, especially women 60 and above, yoga also has specific conditions like menopause, osteoporosis, chronic pain, cancer, depression, and so much more.

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Yoga is becoming increasingly popular among the elderly, particularly among women over 60. The numerous advantages that this traditional type of exercise offers are irresistible. In fact, there are certain yoga poses for women over 60 that are highly beneficial for this age group. Yoga can be intimidating, especially if it is your first time doing it and you are utterly out of shape. The good news is that you have decided to incorporate yoga into your routine in order to strengthen yourself holistically.

Just Breath

The Father of Modern Yoga himself, Sri Krishnamacharya, said, “The breath is the guru to the asana. Obey the breath.”

Nearly all yoga styles practiced in studios today are influenced by Krishnamacharya. He was the teacher of the originators of the top lineages of modern yoga schools like Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Vini Yoga, and he even was the first to accept a western woman as a student, Indra Devi, who was instrumental in bringing yoga out of India.

Rather than asana, Krishnamacharya, taught the importance of breath while moving through the postures. For him, pranayama was an integral part of a vinyasa practice, making each movement meditation in itself rather than a preparation for meditation.

Don’t Sweat It

Many yoga classes may look intimidating because they seem to be filled with fit, young bodies who can contort themselves into many shapes and gracefully glide in and out of the postures — or at least that’s what many pictures and videos may lead you to feel. But in reality, yoga is not about who is the most flexible, who is the strongest, or who can do the most Sun Salutations.

According to V Nanammal, a 99+ year old yoga teacher whose daily classes in Tamil Nadu are packed with people daily, “Yoga is not about sweating.” Rather than being a trendy fitness regimen, Nanammal and her family adhere to the way yoga had been traditionally passed down to them with a focus on peace and wholeness.

Because the poses (called asanas) can easily be modified or adapted to suit an individual’s needs, yoga is safe for seniors of all fitness or ability levels. In fact, it can be an excellent way to keep your body strong and healthy without the joint stress that comes from other activities like weightlifting or jogging. And it’s never too late to begin: You can start yoga at any age. (Just be sure to clear it with your doctor before you get going.

Move and Move, But With Zero Strain

Walking alone is not sufficient when it comes to aging healthy. You need some kind of strength training which ensures that your mobility remains tactile. According to doctors, the best way to age healthily and strongly is to adopt yoga. Your body will take it easy and you will enjoy it for sure. Yoga strengthens your body by gently coaxing it to indulge in some mild turns and twists. Since you are not using any external weights, the chances of injuries are negligible.

You, Will, Enjoy Better Flexibility

As you age, you become stiffer and less flexible. With yoga, you can stretch a little more. The improved levels of flexibility will enable you to improve the range of your movements as you age. Keeping the spine pliable is essential to prevent you from getting bedridden.

You, Will, Be Able To Tackle Menopausal Issues Better

Stress, insomnia, weight gain, dry skin, irritability, and osteoporosis ─ are just a few of the issues women face during menopause. You can now keep these irritating menopausal conditions at bay with yoga. Be it hot flashes or back pain, just do the Child’s Pose. You will immediately feel the difference.


Doctors are starting to prescribe yoga to their patients as part of a more holistic health program. The problem is, that even most doctors don’t understand the way yoga.

Building a Stronger Mind

I was able to better focus and had more control of my thoughts. This enhanced mental control helped me understand with more clarity. I was making better decisions, as I was more aware of my options and analyzing them in a more focused way. Yoga strengthened my mind.

Developing Stronger Body Movements

I was becoming much more flexible and agile. My posture was improving and my hips weren’t painful as before. My body was balanced and getting stronger. I felt my walk was more relaxed and natural without the hip pain. At 61 I’m no spring chicken, but I think I now have a spring in my step!

 You, Will, Enjoy Better Flexibility

As you age, you become stiffer and less flexible. With yoga, you can stretch a little more. The improved levels of flexibility will enable you to improve the range of your movements as you age. Keeping the spine pliable is essential to prevent you from getting bedridden.

Practice with a Smile

It can be hard to learn something new, and most of the time when we are doing a new type of exercise, we strain, groan, and grimace.

Put a smile on your face if it’s the last thing you do.

Getting your yoga on doesn’t mean you need to be serious. In fact, a great way to gauge if you’re overdoing it physically is if you can’t smile while you’re in a pose.

Yoga isn’t about worrying about how you look or if you’re doing the poses right; it’s about letting go and being in the present moment. It can also be about having some fun if you let it.

Learning how to do yoga can be pretty funny. Sometimes you fall or catch yourself in a ridiculous position in the mirror, or someone accidentally passes gas.

Your Bones Will Have An Extended Lifespan

Brittle bones leading to osteoporosis and fractures are quite common in women who are 60-plus. Yoga can help in slowing down the pace at which you are experiencing loss of bone density. The pains and inflammations experienced will also be smoothed out. Studies suggest that women above 60 who practiced yoga for at least 2 years actually gained bone mineral density.

Seated Forward Bend

If you have along with helps your combat stress, tension, and depression this pose will have actually helped you. if you have tried this then you can sleep very comfortable. It also wards off fatigue and prepares you to deal with menopausal issues in a better way. This is what you can expect from Seated Forward Bend Pose.

  • Stretches your lower back, hamstrings, and spine
  • Calms down your mind
  • Eases anxiety and stress
  • Bestows better digestive fire
  • Helps in easing menopausal symptoms
  • Lowers fatigue
  • Stimulates the better functioning of the ovaries, uterus, kidneys, and liver