How To Deal With Hunger Pains While Dieting

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One of the biggest challenges that people come across when they go on diets is how to deal with hunger pains. In order to effectively lose weight, it boils down to basic mathematics and in this case, we are speaking about calories. Your body must burn more calories than what are being taken in and the number one way to do this is to simply eat less food. When your body is adjusting to this decrease in food intake, it is natural for it to experience hunger pains. However, if you play your cards right and know how to strategically use certain tools on your diet at the appropriate time, dieting and dealing with hunger pains will be an absolute breeze. So, let’s discuss a few ways on how you can deal with or even eliminate hunger pains altogether.

Drink More Water or Sparkling Water

One of the most effective ways at dealing with hunger pains is to simply drink more water. Water, in and of itself, is very filling and if you were to substitute a couple bottles of regular water for sparkling water, then that will help, tremendously. Sparkling water has the carbonation in it and most sparkling waters, such as San Pellegrino or Perrier, have added minerals to their water. So, not only are you hydrating your body, but you are also filling your stomach because of the carbonation AND getting a good source of vitamins and minerals. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone – this is taking out 3 all in one shot!

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Try A Cup of Coffee

Something as simple as having a cup of coffee can do wonders at taking care of hunger pains. One great fact about coffee is that it is an appetite suppressant, and it is one of the most natural of the bunch. Coffee stimulates neurotransmitters in the brain and causes you to feel less hungry. This is why you have many people who are low carb and intermittent fasting advocates always drinking coffee and it’s because they understand the power of it. It is full of antioxidants and is a great beverage for anyone looking to stave off their hunger.

Chew Your Food Longer

Chewing your food slower not only helps with hunger pains, but it makes you lose weight at a faster rate and this is for two reasons. One, when you chew longer, you trick your brain to think that you are eating a ton of food, but you are not. Secondly, really mincing down your food and fully coating it with saliva allows for much easier digestion and increases the absorption rate of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for weight maintenance.

Conclusion: How To Deal With Hunger Pains While Dieting

In conclusion, hunger pains can be uncomfortable, but it is a sign that your diet is working and that your body is burning extra calories, which are usually in the form of stored body fat. All this being said, embrace your hunger pains, but if they are unbearable, then you can utilize one or all of these three methods to completely stop them in their tracks.