The Best Low Calorie Foods For When You’re On A Diet

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We all know that certain times of the year, especially after Christmas and New Years, people are really looking to get in shape and shed some unwanted body fat. Or, it could be the fact that they’ve dealt with being overweight for the majority of their life, and one day they decided that enough is enough. There is a saying that goes like: “There are plenty of ways to skin a cat.” – We aren’t literally skinning cats here, but we can take this saying and apply it to losing weight.

There are a plethora of ways to lose weight effectively, but it is all about finding which method works and resonates best with you. Just for some quick and common examples, one way is to increase the amount of cardio or working out that you’re doing, and another way is simply incorporating a diet that has the best low calorie foods. So, what are the best low calorie foods? Is there a way that you really can get into shape simply by changing the foods you eat? The answer is a yes, and if you add a couple or all of these low calorie foods to your diet regimen, you will see a decrease in your waistline in no time.

Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt made the list of the best low calorie foods because of it being a snack and being able to be added to desserts to have the same effect on them also. Greek yogurt also happens to be a great source of protein and this makes it a great low calorie food that aids in muscle building, and it can curve cravings to help you stave off hunger for bigger meals or cheat meals that you may be planning for.


To many bodybuilders, eggs are known as the most complete source of protein on the planet. There are many, great benefits besides them being a great low calorie food, and one of which is that they are very friendly to your pocket. At many locations, you can get a dozen of eggs for a little over one dollar, but of course, if you are shooting for more quality, grass-fed eggs, then that will run you at least $2.50 and up.

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This should come as absolutely no surprise that vegetables are one of the best low calorie foods that anyone should consume on a diet. Go figure, right? Vegetables are fantastic because you can eat them just as they are, or you can add them to other dishes to make them more filling and satiating. We just covered eggs – maybe try an egg omelette with green peppers and onions with a little garlic powder for seasoning 🙂

Fish & Poultry

Fish and poultry check out to be some of the best low calorie foods and this is mainly because they are very lean by nature. If we look at the 3 macronutrients: Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats, it is the fats that are the most dense in calories.

Conclusion: The Best Low Calorie Foods For When You’re On A Diet

As we stated earlier, the best way to go about any diet is to simply find and select the best low calorie foods that will work for you. Also, a great tip is to really season your low calorie foods with herbs and spices and make them palatable so that you can eat them. No diet is effective if you don’t like the food, but if you enjoy it, your chances of sticking to it go through the roof.